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It's More Than A Teddy Bear...

June 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I've come to realize that everyone has a story. Everyone has pain and hurt in the past or even in the present. The difference in the outcome seems to be whether you choose to become "bitter or better."  When the B family told me their story, I stood in amazement as they had obviously chosen the latter.  

Thanksgiving week in 2014, Victoria lost their 2nd child, Jacob. He was stillborn at 39.5 weeks.  Victoria said she would like to have their Molly Bear photographed with her other 3 children.  The bear weighs 7lbs 9oz which was how much Jacob weighed at birth.  

"Including the bear in the photo is our way of incorporating Jacob in the photo with his siblings."

What a wonderful way to remember baby Jacob. I feel honored to be able to capture this image for them.  Little Ethan is only 13 months old and as you can see he did amazing and we got the perfect image.  So here we have Jacob, Ethan, Ella and Patrick:

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