When should I call to schedule a newborn session? 

Newborn sessions are best done when your baby is 5-14 days old. My schedule fills up about 3 weeks in advance, so please secure your session before your baby is born! Since it is hard to know exactly when your baby will arrive, once I have received your session fee and questionnaire, we will secure a date on my calendar and move your appointment accordingly once baby is here. 

Is one week too early for my session?

Absolutely not! I prefer to schedule newborns between  5-14 days old and usually not over 2 weeks. At this age they are still very sleepy and like to curl up as if they were still in the womb. Babies older than 2 weeks begin to stretch out their limbs and are more sensitive to having their arms and legs adjusted in a pose. They wake up easier, and things like baby acne, colic, upset tummies, and flaky skin begin to emerge as they have been out of the womb longer. 

How long is a newborn session? 

This depends on which Newborn Collection you choose. Mini newborn sessions are usually 30 minutes. Sessions that include siblings, parents and naked baby poses can take longs, up to 3 hours.  This leaves plenty of time to get baby into that dreamy newborn sleep which is how I am able to get them into all the adorable poses you see on my site.  We will also take time to feedings, diaper changes and breaks as needed. 

Can I be photographed with my baby? What about siblings?

The Mini Collection is of baby only.  All other collections include family and sibling images.  I LOVE to capture the emotion of those special first days of you with your new baby. I love capturing mom and dad cuddling and admiring their new baby.  Siblings are welcomed to attend the session. Since newborn sessions can last a while, I usually photograph family and sibling images first, then move on to images of just baby. At this time, it often works well if a grandparent, dad or sitter can take sibling (s) home or out to run errands while we finish the session. 

How do I schedule a session?

Just let me know you are ready to schedule a newborn session! I will send you a booking proposal where you can fill out the questionnaire, complete the session agreements and submit your session fee. Once these are received, I will secure a date for your session on my calendar. 

Why can it be so expensive? 

Custom photography by a specially-trained photographer (which is so important for a newborn session) is not for everyone and takes an enormous amount of time and creative commitment.  I am priced in order to continue the service I provide to my clients. For example, there are discount stores, department stores and boutiques; I am the 'boutique' of photography studios.  :)

What if I framed prints and albums?

I have a full product catalog I am happy to send you. I offer beautiful handmade frames and several custom albums.  I love to print beautiful albums and wall displays. 

Other questions? Send me an email, I would love to hear from you!